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Side effects and limitations for purchase flows and bookings

Side effects

Requests to value card and subscriptions (memberships) create not only a booking but also either an actual value card or subscription. The recipient or training customer is the current logged on user.

Payments made to an invoice are registered to the invoice even it is of 0 (zero) value or a negative value. It will also be registered even if the invoice has been transferred to a bill collection agency.

An Electronic funds consent is created the same time as the receipt is created.

If a group activity (class) booking is cancelled a new participant is automatically booked in from the waiting list. These people are informed by e-mail and/or sms.


We do NOT support:

  • partial payment of an order
  • payment of an invoice that belongs to another person or company
  • the addition of interest or late fee product when paying an invoice
  • payment with another invoice
  • rebate products or rebates on value cards (discount cards/gift cards)
  • repetitive orders
  • payment organisation for subscriptions (memberships)
  • price changes on subscriptions (memberships)
  • Sign up fees in accordance with Subscriptions via Internet. The suggested solution is to add two products to the same order (a subscription/membership and a separate fee product)
  • membership period in accordance with Membership period. The suggested solution is to add both subscriptions to the same order (the membership period subscription and the actual training membership)
  • chaning the time on a service booking
  • "Player" for service booking
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