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The documentation of BRP API version 3 is bundled together with BRP Online and can be found at the following URL: 

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where xxx is a license key that BRP will generate for you. 

TitleIntern länk

Intern länk till senaste versionens dokumentation (Fungerar endast internt)

Extärn länk:

TitleHow to generate license key

For BRP support - since version 2017.09.01:

  1. Generate an API2 key from BRP > Inställningar > API-nycklar. "Nivå" = "Simple". IP-address should not be entered.
  2. Add the generated key to the url described above. Will be something like "
  3. Paste the url in a browser and validate that the documentation is shown
  4. Verify that the URL's are correct in the documentation(eg. Otherwise clear cache via about.gsp and verify that the URL's in the documentation are correct.
  5. Email the link to the customer 


How to use both BRP API v2 and v3

If you already are using BRP API version 2 and would like to use API version 3 you have to use other authentication method using access token. Instructions how to retrieve API v3 access token through API version 2 call be found here: generateapi3token