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BRP Online has integrated with Nets to offer online registration of AvtaleGiro, the Norwegian direct debit consent. BRP will act as an mediator between your webpage and Nets and make sure that BRP is updated with the result. No need to send in any papers or let the customer manually create the consent which quite often may result in errors.


  1. The customer creates an order, containing an item that requires AvtaleGiro, via a webpage that uses the BRP REST-API. For examples see: Examples for commonly used methods
  2. The customer pays for the order (preferably using: The payment webservice in BRP)
  3. The online registration link is fetched from the REST-API using generateregisteravtalegirolink. The desired page, for the browser to go to after registration, is entered as callbackurl. This page should be able to handle success and error cases, described later.
  4. The browser, of the customer, is redirected to the returned link
  5. The customer will then be presented with Nets online registration of AvtaleGiro and is prompted to enter account number and use Bank Id to verify its identity. (There is also an option to print a prefilled form that the customer should to send to Nets via mail).
  6. BRP will handle the result of the registration and then the browser will be redirected to the callbackurl that was entered in step 3.
  7. The AvtaleGiro information stored in BRP can then be fetched and presented to the customer. Note that the account information is sent from Nets to BRP by file later so it will take a couple of days before the account information is up to date in BRP.


  1. AvtaleGiro must be properly activated by BRP Support.
  2. The suggested max amount is set to 5000 NOK as default but can be altered by the BRP support.

Usage by examples

  1. Get the link to where the browser should be redirected, see generateregisteravtalegirolink

Response json: 
    "url": ""

2. Redirect browser to returned url


3. Customer finishes the registration and after BRP has processed the result it will redirect the browser to with avtalegiroid or error added as a request parameter

BRP REDIRECT:{avtalegiroid}&error={error}
avtalegiroid = Id of the created or updated AvtaleGiro information in BRP
error = Only added when an error has occured, see table of error codes

Error codes

300Registration was cancelled
301Error indication received from Nets
400Bad request, one or more input parameters are invalid
401Feature is not activated
403Generated link has been altered or invalidated, the hash was incorrect
428Unexpected response received from Nets
429The specified company does not reside in Norway
500Internal server error


When running against the BRP test installation it is possible to configure BRP to facilitate testing of this function. The browser will then show a test page instead of the regular page where you can click different buttons to simulate different results.

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